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Turns out I am staying in the same villa as Katie Degentesh, in town to win some award. After a brief interlude of playing soccer on the Iranian side I am left in a large comfortable chair with a plate of 4 cookies spread out in a diamond. Naturally I eat the cookie at the bottom. Drew Gardner enters and shouts to Katie "Jim ate Casey!" These are cookies that somehow accompany a poem Katie has written called "Casey at the Bat." Casey was delicious, I tell Katie. Katie, put-out, tells me her mother baked them. I say something like I'm not the kind of guy you can leave next to a plate of cookies! Both stare at me as if I am the world's greatest asshole. Scene.


Jack said...

You took the bottom cookie to score, you stealing homie.

Also, the coherence in this dream verges on poetry you have no control over, merging appetites, a plate of cookies, a low ball over the plate, someone swings and misses, out.

Jim Behrle said...

I took out the part where I gave Derek Jeter a reacharound.