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See below the response I got from my helpful e-mail suggesting a bold new market for their products. I guess they hate capitalism and America (and wordplay) etc...

Hi Jim,

Thank you for your inquiry. We focus our efforts on ice resurfacing machines and the name ZAMBONI has a strong connection to ice sports in general. I’ve attached information for your reference regarding the proper use of our marks, as Zamboni is not a noun and we work diligently to protect the name from the type of “play on words” reference as is noted in your e-mail (“Sandboni”).

We appreciate your affinity for our product.


Paula Coony

Zamboni Merchandising

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From: Jim Behrle []

Sent: Tuesday, April 17, 2007 9:18 AM

To: Zamboni Information

Subject: Sandboni

Dear Zamboni,

I think you guys should create a zamboni to resurface baseball diamonds--the Sandboni. During baseball games these dudes with rakes drag across the infield--what they need is a ride on machine that can till the field and smooth it out a little bit. How different is that from what you guys do?



Corina Copp said...


Anonymous said...

"Zamboni is not a noun." What part of speech does he think it is?

Mark said...

They must be talking to the Wiffle people...

Jessica Smith said...

don't you think it would be *good* marketing if everyone thought Zamboni was a noun (and not a name, if a name is different from a noun)? i mean, wouldn't you *want* everyone to think that every ice-smoothing machine was a Zamboni? corner the market? Like Kleenex, or Jell-o.

Anonymous said...

Zamboni, Sandboni, Dipshitboni

Steve said...

I want a Hamboni, because I hate using those flimsy plastic knives to spread mustard on my sandwiches.